The idea of the association Develop Boeung Kak Art has been born in 2014: two French girls, Ludivine Labille and Marjolaine Arnaud, fell in love with the area of Boeung Kak. They heard about the condition of its people and decided to breathe new life into the borough.

The first steps were a collective cleaning and the pavement of the streets in order to improve hygiene conditions. Then came the idea to turn the neighbourhood into a place of artistic expression. In 2014, they met the chiefs of the district and suggest this project.



2014 January 3, my “new life” in Cambodia begins. I flew to Phnom Penh to meet my friend Marjolaine Arnaud, who had moved there to work as Nurse Leader in a French clinic. She quickly made me discover the lake’s history; we both moved in in Boeung Kak. By living in this “village”, we became more and more sensitive about this tragedy and the courage of the women who fought in spite of danger and violence that were inflicted to them. From all these emotions and concerns, our dream was born. We thought about the rebirth of the area through solidarity and the arts. We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm raised around Develop Boeung Kak Art!

After one year and a half of work in the field, we are happy and proud to see that Boeung Kak is now considered as the Phnom Penh Street Art place. Today, we need support to perpetuate this project and develop our actions and make them more than temporary. Once again we will rely on solidarity and art love to keep this project alive.”

                               Ludivine LABILLE, Develop Boeung Kak Art’s President

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