Video by Ricardo Pérez-Solero

Key dates – 2016 :

♦ May 2016 :


♦ April 2016 :  “Breakfast & Play”

This field action allows us to share with all the district’s inhabitants, distributing food and organizing art workshops for the children.

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♦ March 2016 : Art Festival 2nd edition

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Key dates – 2015:

♦ December 2015 :  Drawing contest

♦ November 2015 : Happy Day

Workshops, live music, martial arts show, …


♦ June 2015: end of the season

o Sean Duffel, renowned New-Zealand graffiti artist (, came and painted the Ladies of the Lake fresco



10687036_769364366509528_8859369012177606501_n♦May 2015: art and solidarity
o Opening of the Art House: its main goal is to be a collective place in the street 93 to welcome artists in residence, to organize discovery scenes, to dispense courses in different disciplines…
o The local art community is supportive of this project
o The Art & Solidarity weekend is an event that lasts two days. During this weekend, more than 30 artists and 15 volunteers rotate to collect funds for the association



♦April 2015: the Love Sessionsession love

o Regarding the success of its actions in the street 93, Develop Boeung Kak Art decides to extend its move to street 86 (the next street, still part of Boeung Kak), which is the most insalubrious ghetto of the city

oDevelop Boeung Kak Art organizes a first connection by the means of art with Boeung Kak’s homeless people. Some artists (as Anthéa Missy, in the picture) and some students of the Fine Arts University participated to the Love Session

o The objective of the Love Session was to provide water, food and clean clothes and at the same time paint walls and organize a body painting workshop


♦March 2015: the Art Festival
o The Art Festival is the eventual embodiment of the project thanks to Boeung Kak’s community, international and khmer artists. Thanks to this event, Boeung Kak becomes the Street Art place of Phnom Penh
o 4 disciplines, 45 artists, 700 entries
o Stinkfish, well-known Street Artist from Colombia (, comes to support the project
o Young Cambodian artists meet with international artists


♦January 2015
o Helphing through the opening of Why Not pizzeria
o Many Street Artists (Anthea Missy, Ruskig, Alias…) come paint frescos and decorate Boeung Kak’s houses with their paintings. The first Cambodian Street Art generation is emerging. Thanks to it, Boeung Kak comes back to life


In almost ten months, more than 20 artists came from Cambodia and abroad to Boeung Kak; 30 paintings have been created. The street is now clean and dynamic thanks to the new shops and corners… Colourful!

The news spread in the city and there are lots of new projects:
– students come to paint
– teachers and amateur painters do as well
– new shops and cafés open

The Khmer Times says that Boeung Kak has become the new expression platform for young Cambodians. The month of March will confirm this new dynamism with the first Art Festival.

Key dates – September 2014 to December 2014

♦December 2014
o Helping through the opening of Bee Vintage (clothes shop)
o Art Week End (activities for the children)

♦November 2014
o Second Street Art session (9 artists)
o Cambodia Daily article

♦October 2014
o Opening of Simone Bistrot & Art, first business (Bistrot and Art Place) to boost the area and that welcome artists
o First Street Art session (6 artists)
o Phnom Penh Post cover

♦September 2014
o First contact with the district leader. The woman shows real enthusiasm for the suggested actions and is ready to support them
o Explanation of the project to Boeung Kak’s inhabitants
o Collective cleaning and concreting of the main place
o Sensitization of the inhabitants to environmental issues