Act together


We are looking for volunteers in order to play a part in our collaborative project, to give classes and/or organize workshops with Boueng Kak’s Children.

Don’t throw your stuff away ! Give us all the things you don’t need anymore

If you want to throw away old clothes, shoes, pens, office stuff, books, tables, chairs, toys, dvds, computers, matress, … If there is anything you don’t use, send us an email ( All the collected stuff will help a family in need!

Where does your money go? 
All the collected funds will be dedicated to:
– Improving environment and lifestyle of Boeung Kak’s inhabitants
– Promoting more Cambodian young talents
– Inviting international artists to promote the neighbourhood and highlight its attributes
– Creating cultural emulation and exchanges in offering free workshops
– Organizing monthly events in the street
– Making the Art House live and make it able to sustain for itself