Our new challenge

Welcome School by Dbk

Why is school important?

To be taught how to write, read, and calculate.

To open opportunities and find a job

To learn how to live in community.

We are sure that it is school’s purpose to make discover things about you and what surrounding you. It’s school’s purpose to make you comprehend your environment and to act within it?

School is fundamental to build a future on the right way.

Unfortunately, many children do not have the chance to get a proper education. In Cambodia, 25% of them are illiterate. Considering that 30% of the Cambodian population is less than 15 years old and 60% less than 25 years old, making education an absolute priority.

What about our project?

In Boueng Kak, an unsanitary district of Phnom Penh, we aim to open a school for youngster living in precarious conditions.

We want to give a customized program for each of the 30 attending students, welcome them 5 days per week, and support them with a social and scholar follow-up.

What are our objectives?

-To promote the diversity and cultural exchanges.

-To open a convivial and free place

-To organized a show with the kids

-To provide a personalized school program

– To raise awareness of the parents

-To use art and sport as motors

-To follow the scholar reintegration of the pupils

Why this idea?

Since few months we have organized what we called “Breakfast&Play”:

It’s a moving action aiming to share a snack and to play some entertaining activities in a part of Boueng Kak very touched by poverty, violence and drugs.

Many families live there, in a real ocean of garbage, without neither electricity nor running water. Of course, we have noticed that a large ratio of the children living over there is unschooled.

Cambodian’s school system has a shortage of both establishments and well-formed teachers. This important issue might be easily explained by the history of the last three decades, especially during the Khmer Rouge’s regime which killed one third of the global population. Then this urgent matter has led the government to a massive recruitment of many low qualified teachers. The current school program is fragile and numberless are the children remaining unschooled because of too high school fees.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to your generosity (you will find a Paypal link below), three dozens of Cambodians children could enjoy an academic year for free.

You are going to give high hope youth being thirsty for knowledge.

The rest of the budget is going to be finance by private grants, sponsors, T-shirts and work of art sales during the different events organized along the year by the association.

Nevertheless, we will not be able to do it without you!